Self practice takes a very long time to cultivate into your daily routine, there are many distractions. If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated yoga space or even a room this is helpful. It is a good idea to try to practice your yoga at the same time of day, in the same place, where possible. It can be an encouraging reminder to lay your mat out on the floor, where you will see it, as an open invitation. Simply laying yourself down on the mat and breathing mindfully, if only for a few minutes, is yoga.

Having a yoga teacher come to your home is a wonderfully personal and individual way to learn yoga. Originally yoga was taught this way, one to one, guru to o one student by one master or yoga guru. I have forged some great relationships with many private students over the years and it is always a great priviledge to share their space with them.

One of my fondest memories when teaching a whole family with three teenagers was quietly snucking out as they alllay so peacefully in savasana on the kitchen floor asleep! Beautiful.

I am at my most happy when my students feel confident enough to start their own independent practice at home or when they go away on holiday. They often send great photos, best one, ok, a couple doing ‘flying eagle’ in Tesco’s car park!

I would love to hear from if you are interested in having yoga in your home or if that is not possible I do have a dedicated yoga room for myself and my clients at my home in Hove.

Yoga at Home is an investment and a commitment. It is a joyous and deep experience with tailor made practise and intermittent yoga instruction via my youtube chanel Amasuyoga

Please feel free to get in contact to discuss with no obligation.