Lower Back Pain affects four in five people
at some point in their lifetime.

The Good News

“Yoga can help relieve the agony of back pain, a major review of medical evidence found…. yoga was twice as likely to improve the condition than simply doing back exercises and also improved overall physical quality of life” Daily Mail 2017

Amasu Back Clinic is an opportunity to move your focus away from the pain and have time through discussion and practice to look at the causes and establish a better way of moving throughout your working, living day.

Stress plays a huge part in both the cause of back pain as well as a result of back pain. Yoga is an ancient form of body mind practices created to give rise to a more healthy, harmonious and calm state of life.

“The UK economy is slowly recovering, but the country’s workforce is in considerable pain…Almost 31 million days of work were lost last year due to back, neck and muscle problems, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).”

Are you living with stress?

Working in an industry where your back is under constant pressure?

Standing for long periods of time?

Sitting for long periods of time?

Does your work require you to crouch down or bend over a lot?

Are you a new or expectant mother?

Dealing with pain is both debilitating and exhausting. Pain management uses energy and can cause stress that can lead to depression. Yoga is a three dimensional resolve applying equal emphasis on the physical, mental and emotional states. Yogic philosophy is to nurture a life of more ease and peace.

More and more people are attending yoga classes because of back pain, often chronic pain that they have been trying to deal with for months sometimes years, unsuccessfully. Yoga can bring a much needed sense of relief and mental calm.

Clients are now being referred by Doctors and Therapists to try yoga.

In my 20 years experience of being a yoga teacher I have seen many students and clients with back issues and I have witnessed enormous benefits to these people through regular practice of yoga.


Repetitive physical work and or home conditions can really take it’s toll on your back.

Lower back pain is often the result of poor posture and weak abdominals, which are weakened further by bad posture and misalignment.

This workshop aims to help you discover the probable cause of your non specific back pain and look for both practical and life style change solutions, using yoga postures and breathing techniques as well as relaxation methods. You will be given a home practice plan.

Specific yoga postures will help strengthen the muscles in the back as well as the core abdominal muscles. These muscles are essential components of the muscular network of the spine, which help the skeletal structure of the body correct and maintain proper upright posture and movement. When the muscularity of the body is well conditioned back pain can be greatly reduced and prevented.

If you have lower back pain it is important that you stretch BUT you need to know the right stretches as some yoga postures can actually exacerbate your condition. For example deep forward bends, both sitting and standing. If we carefully stretch the hamstrings we can create more freedom of movement in the pelvis, which helps to reduce stress across the lower back. Stretching in yoga will increase blood flow, this helps with the transportation and of nutrients in, as well as toxins, out. Trapped toxins within joints can cause pain and stiffness.

Amasu Back Clinics (ABC)

What to expect

  • You will explore body posture, lying, sitting, standing and walking
  • You will look at unhelpful posture habits
  • You will learn which yoga postures to avoid
  • Explore best postures to alleviate back pain
  • Will work with strengthening the core muscles and using ‘bhandas” yogic energy seals for stability.
  • You will gain greater awareness of your body and how you move it.
  • You will have time to relax, de stress and discuss.
  • You will learn how to use props as aids to your practise. This will include chair-based yoga.
  • By the end of the workshop you will have learned a short sequence of suitable postures and modifications, as well as some breathing exercises that you can take away with you and practice at home.


What clients/students have said

“I’ve suffered awful back ache/sciatica….and been in terrible pain. I’ve very limited movement and the little movement has been painful….

I told Amanda my issue before the class, the class was amazing, her guidance was invaluable. I’m no longer In pain, I’m totally amazed.”

Float Spa Client

“..first time I have ever been able to lie in Savasana without back ache…’

The Insight

You do NOT have to do yoga to attend this workshop, no prior experience of yoga is necessary. This workshop aims to offer useful insights that can help deepen your awareness of your own yoga practice if you do.

This workshop is for non specific lower back pain. Please check with your doctor before attending if you are suffering from chronic back pain – that which has lasted more than 3 months. Did you know that 80% of chronic back pain is caused by herniated discs? There may be a tear and inflammation inside the disc. Sitting and bending forward puts pressure on the discs and therefore can increase pain. Not all postures in yoga are for everybody all the time. Yoga as medicine, take the right does for you!

Yoga Teacher Amanda Evans is a former professional dancer and has worked extensively with dancers and back pain. She is also an aromatherapist, working with yoga massage and bodywork for over 30 years. In 2016 she was an award winner at Kripalu Yoga Centre in Massachusetts, Boston, She is currently studying and researching with The American Institute for Vedic studies and holds a certificate in Yoga Therapy with The British School of Yoga. She has taught many diverse groups within the community. Her yoga therapeutic and humanitarian work has taken her into yoga studios and spans, city banks in London, hospitals, prisons, schools, retreats and clinics. She is an international Yoga teacher and has travelled extensively to; India, Cambodia, Turkey, Macedonia, New York and Europe over the years to teach, learn and write.

E: arts@amasu.co.uk