Amanda Suzanne Evans also known as Ama, is a senior yoga teacher holding ELDER status with the Independent Yoga Network (5000 hours). She has over 35 years experience of teaching and facilitating in dance, body conditioning, yoga and movement medicine©. British Wheel of Yoga trained and registered she is also a qualified Aromatherapist.

As a writer and poet, writing on yoga, life and spirituality as her personal quest for peace.

“yoga aims to indoctrinate the belief that ‘I am worth compassion”.
Amanda S Evans

Amanda’s background in dance is richly incorporated into her yoga classes and teachings. Her Hatha Flow classes and choreographed sequences make yoga, a seemingly effortless, moving meditation. Stronger classes will challenge you both physically and mentally, utilising balance and control. She places a lot of attention on alignment, safe practice and using the breath effectively. She teaches yoga, all around the world and has lived in India and Cambodia, offering classes and teacher training.

A humanitarian teacher who aims to use the creative skills she brings to yoga to help elevate, motivate and inspire her students and groups. This work has spanned many diverse life experiences, working within communities of refugees, asylum seekers, women in prison, women with substance abuse addiction, children at risk and people who have suffered trauma to name a few.

As a yoga teacher, she brings aspects of her life’s creativity together with compassion and a desire to create a safe space for each and every individual. She is a seeker of knowledge and curious about the human existence within diverse cultures and global spirituality.